Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rick and Morty - Pixely!

Had to. Greatest show ever.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Pixel Artwork of Crystal Catacombs

Enemy Design and Animation:

For the past few years I've been creating and animating over 60+ different enemies and bosses for my upcoming Indie Game, Crystal Catacombs. I've focused on making sure that each enemy is uniquely crafted, using strict attention towards detail and being animated accordingly. Depending on how complex the enemy is, it may require anywhere from one to ten different 'sets' of animations.

All art and animation is created in Photoshop, converted/exported into sprite sheets and then implemented into Unity by the programming team.

Here are a few choice selections:

Left: Destroyer_Pursue - Right: Frost Worm_Rise 
Left: Archanid_Walk - Right: Bogleech_Attack 
Left: Blood Spirit_Pursue - Right: Blood Spirit_Rise 
Left: Creeper_Walk - Right: MET_Pursue 
Left: Creature_Attack1 - Right: Creature_Attack2 
Left: Slime Jr._Drop - Middle: Slime Jr._Rise - Right: Slime Jr._Walk 
Left: Minigon_Idle - Right: Minigon_Attack 
Left: Ghast_Sleep - Right: Ghast_Awaken
Left: Midknight_Idle - Right: Midknight_Walk
Left: Plague Rat_Idle - Right: Spiderling_Drop/Rise
Left: Blindling Slave_Idle - Middle: Blindling Slave_Attack - Right: Blindling Slave_Walk 
Left: Blindling Guard_Attack - Right: Blindling Guard_Walk
Left: Wallfire_Attack - Right: Wallfire_Idle
Left: Mrs. Wraith_Attack - Right: Mrs. Wraith_Idle
Left: Explosivo_Attack - Middle: Explosivo_Idle - Right: Explosivo_Walk

Left: Murderator_Idle - Middle: Murderator_Attack - Right: Murderator_Walk

Left: Orlok_Attack - Right: Orlok_Teleport

Pantheon_Teleport In/Out
Iron Madness_Attack
Iron Madness_Teleport In/Out
Cackle Demon_Attack
King Zert II_Attack1
King Zert II_Idle
Spider Knight_Attack2
Spider Knight_Walk
Plasma Ghost_Pursue

Enemy Death Animations:

Below are a few examples of enemy death animations that may or may not make it into the final game...