Friday, July 31, 2009


Pongatron! was the very first 'official' game I've created. The creation was a long and interesting process... to say the least. It began with one idea, which grew to another, which then rapidly began to multiply and mutate into something that I no longer seemed to have any control over. It had become a monster with a mind of its own. In the end, Sam Bakenhus (the lone programmer) and I were forced to decapitate the proverbial head of the project (beast) clean off and salvage what we could, lest we lose our very sanity. The end result is 'Pongatron!'. Even though it turned out absolutely nothing like I had planned, this project has taught me many invaluable lessons as far as bringing an idea to life.


Pongatron began in July of 2009 and was completed by early October. When I had originally started the project I had planned on having it finished in no longer than a month and a half. However, as stated above, this game seemed to want to go in a million directions at once. Trial and error was the name of this game. After months of development, changes, rehashes and do-overs we finally had a product to show. A real life game!

Check out Pongatron! here!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Attackin' Kraken - Deck

This was the first in a series of skateboard decks I've be working on, it's currently on sale and being shown at King's County - the coolest bar in Brooklyn :) It was completed using acrylics, spray paint and pen and ink.



Sorry for the poor photo quality... These were uploaded from my cell :P