Friday, March 27, 2009

'Currently Untititled' World Map

One of the projects I've been juggling lately is the creation of a fictional world complete with mythical monsters, crafty creatures, magical beasts and of course the ever continuing battle between good and evil. It's been an interesting experience because the world map was the first established factor, while the detailed storyline, characters and the locations have been added later, determined by the maps own geographical layout. This development decision has added a neat random element to the creative process.

The world map was sketched out by a simple prototype at first and then expanded upon by creating the finished version with all the fancy details. For the finalized version I used a few very helpful (and easy!) tricks involving Photoshop and a couple filters. Using difference clouds, embossing and the ordinary level/hue adjustment a realistic map template was produced. The final step has consisted of detailing different areas of the map with various tools and touch-ups.

Click on either map to see the larger version.

Prototype Version

Finalized Version

...Maybe sometime I'll let you in on some of the details concerning this magical world... Ohhh magic!

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