Monday, February 9, 2009

Lock Lips

Back in 2nd grade I brought two of my new and coolest toys to school with me one day. They were called MadBalls and were creepy, gross little foam monster heads compacted into ball form. Great for any activity involving ball uses! The two I bought were Freaky Fullback, a football player with an oozing empty eye socket and Lock Lips - the creepy fellow you see below (A high quality version can be seen here). Naturally when recess was called I brought my new ghoulish friends along to play with, everything was going fine until some nasty little girl got a hold of Freaky Fullback and proceeded to throw him over the school fence into a residing backyard ... I was never able to retrieve him. To say the least, I was heartbroken. Unlike his unfortunate brother, Lock-Lips stayed with me for a long and happy time, even though I always felt bad for him because his mouth was locked shut. I always figured it was because he had a terrible potty mouth and thus, was cast away into his iron shackles of suppression for all eternity. I guess it works better than soap in the mouth.


Drawn completely in Photoshop in about ten hours (yes, I took my time with this one) as an homage to one of the great toy series of the 80's. BUT WAIT! Awesomely enough, MadBalls have been reintroduced to warp yet another generation of young minds. I think they run for about five bucks at most retail stores ... GIRLS BEWARE!

James Groman is the talented artist behind the duty of reinventing the gruesome gang and he actually has a Blogspot page dedicated to the job! Check it out here ... And yes, I totally have the new MadBalls shirt from Hot Topic and yes, it's galaxies beyond cool.

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